Quintus 4
Quintus 4
a new experiment in old music

Quintus 4

A new experiment in old music

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Watch our demo video:

The Habanera from Bizet's Carmen, as re-imagined by Quintus 4. This video was recorded the first time Quintus 4 met. To keep up with our evolution, follow our blog and social.


We build artistic models optimized for the 21st century.
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Horizontal History

Our programs follow one clearly defined idea across genres and geography to reveal how it influenced different musics. We look at different and simulataneous histories rather than the more common process of tracing history chronologically. (learn more) 


Ongoing Engagement

Q4 invites curious listeners into a greater contextual awareness of our programs. We interact with the public not just through our shows but by offering a substantial volume of original online content exploring and explaining the main ideas of our recitals in a fun and informative style.

Q4 Sound

Our unique ensemble consists of voice, cello, percussion and piano. Almost everything we play has been arranged by us for us; you might hear some of your favourite music in our programs, but you’ll never have heard it like this!